This PCA Forum. Anyone noticed this.

  mooly 07:36 01 Dec 08

Why do the PCA forum pages cause my HDD to go mad. Other web pages don't to anywhere near the same extent. It sends my Internet security package seemingly into overdrive as shown by performance monitor in Vista. Other Forum sites don't seem to do this. When I first log on here a freeze of 30 seconds or so is common as my FSecure
constantly "takes over" the HD. Is it all the ads and graphics that do it ?

  €dstowe 07:49 01 Dec 08

Nothing like that on my machines.

  24/7 07:52 01 Dec 08

mooly, funny u should say that ive just created a thread about pca as well..? i cant log out..?? ive never had this before in the 3 years ive been using the site..? can FE suggest anything..?

  BT 07:53 01 Dec 08

My CPU fan often seems to go into overdive when in the PCA pages.

  eedcam 08:24 01 Dec 08

No Probs for me but I'm on XP

  Input Overload 08:35 01 Dec 08

Is your Pc hamster driven? (Like the FE's :-)

  Pine Man 08:59 01 Dec 08

No problems and I'm using Vista - CPU usage 1%.

  Halmer 09:09 01 Dec 08

but I've noticed for months that it says 'get my passsword sent to me again' at the bottom!

  laurie53 09:48 01 Dec 08

Same thing happens to my spleen!

  mooly 11:55 01 Dec 08

Ah, so I am not alone. My CPU usage normally flickers around 1 to 3 % idle together with the HDD light giving the briefest flash every 3 seconds or so. Visit these pages though and both disc and CPU are kept very busy on my PC with FSecure constantly "in use".
Hamster driven !!! What would that be then ? I can just imagine one at the side of the PC, running round in it's little wheel generating the power to keep me online.

  Covergirl 12:29 01 Dec 08

. . . that it's the Flash animations in some of the adverts (Ahem ! that help keep this site free).

The only thing I notice is that my processor warms up causing the fan to go into overdrive - (Occasionally I do have to check that a RAF Phantom hasn't just parked outside the house).

Same thing happens with most flash adverts on those sites that have them. On one particular site (Joker Poker), these ads caus everything to run really slow including the game itself.

I found that by Right clicking the ad and selecting Rewind causes the ad to lock for several minutes and normal gameplay is resumed.

Same sort of processor overload happens when opening/using Access 97 or doing multiple lookups and calculations in Excel.

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