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  Spark6 19:23 23 Jun 06

Are the animated ads on the right hand side of the screen annoying anyone else?

I'm finding that they increasingly encroach towards the centre of the screen. Has anyone found a workaround for this?

  ade.h 19:26 23 Jun 06

What ads? None here at all.

  dogbreath1 19:27 23 Jun 06

No ads on here, mate.

  Spark6 19:33 23 Jun 06

Claim 3 trial issues

is the current one!

I have my display fully to the left of the screen and the ads are visible on the right.

  jimv7 19:35 23 Jun 06

Use firefox with the adblock extension,

no ads here.

  octal 19:36 23 Jun 06

Can you post a screenshot on photobucket so we can see?

  octal 19:38 23 Jun 06

This is what mine looks like click here not intrusive at all.

  Spark6 20:08 23 Jun 06

I've looked at your screenshot and with yours I am able to scroll the image laterally so that the right hand side ads are not visible.

On mine there is at least 6mm of ad visible with the image scrolled fully to the right.

Many thanks for your input, what screen resolution are you using?

  wolfie3000 20:13 23 Jun 06

Adverts on the right for me some of them if you put your mouse over them they expand,

Most annoying and intrusive but i can live with it.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:17 23 Jun 06

click here
Hosts file to block them.

  octal 20:18 23 Jun 06

I'm using 1024x768.

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