The PCA Forum

  welshwizard712 19:15 16 Sep 04

Always wondered what format PC Advisors Forum is!
I can see that it has a .cfm extension on the index.

What is .cfm? I never heard of it?

  ventanas 12:37 17 Sep 04

I think it might be Cold Fusion, but can't swear to it.

  Sir Radfordin 12:53 17 Sep 04

Yes it is a Cold Fusion Server system being used.

  Taran 16:48 17 Sep 04

As Sir Radfordin correctly points out, the PCA forum runs using Cold Fusion as its markup language and the whole lot is scooting along on Windows IIS.

You can install Cold Fusion into Apache or IIS if you are running it on your own computer for a test server environment, should you want to play with Cold Fusion code yourself.

Cold Fusion is about the easiest of the dynamic languages to learn, but not necessarily the most popular and/or in demand in commercial use.

If you have the Macromedia suite it ships with a developers version of Cold Fusion (Windows XP SP2 can cause issues with it though).

Anyway, Cold Fusion running on Windows IIS.

There you are.

  Taran 16:51 17 Sep 04

the version of IIS used for the PC Advisor forum is not the same as the one you will have available on Windows 2000 Professional or XP Professional. Both of those derivatives of Windows ship with a lesser version of the fully blown web server environment, intended for small scale use and code testing. Neither one is intended for commercial scale web hosting.

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