PCA and Firefox

  buteman 02 Jun 11

Hi.Finding it really difficult to open pages using Firefox. I keep getting waiting for Widgets.com or Waiting for Platform Twitter.com to open and so far has not opened.

Anyone else having the same problem on Firefox if not I know it will be my computer.

Also finding it hard to post.

  Nontek 02 Jun 11

No problems here - using FF4 latest update.

  buteman 02 Jun 11

Ok Nontek Must be just my computer had to open I/E to read your reply.

Looks like I will have to remove it again then reinstall it.

Thanks for getting back to me so quick.

  spuds 02 Jun 11


Perhaps in answer to to your question, I usually use IE8 on this website (Ispell spellchecker) and its working.

Just tried Firefox 3 and got a message that it could not find the website, but that was possibly due to me. Gave it another go, and all seems fine with login and perhaps this post!.

  buteman 02 Jun 11


No The PCA page opens fine for me It just will not open other threads.

it starts to open then I get both problems, waiting for Widgets.com or Waiting for Platform Twitter.com to open and it doesn't.

  sunnystaines 02 Jun 11

ff 4.01 ok

  buteman 02 Jun 11

Yes looks like it is a problem with my computer or maybe Adblock plus.

The messages I get are just above the taskbar on the left or sometimes on the right.

  buteman 02 Jun 11

Well after checking out my other thread I decided to remove Firefox so switched it on to see if it was still having problems and it is running normally again so not sure what the problem was.


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