PCA down tonight again.

  buteman 04 Oct 11

\Looks like the PCA site is down again tonight.

It's not just you! http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk looks down from here.

  buteman 04 Oct 11

Looks like it has been posted elsewhere so will class as resolved.

looks like it is working again but for how long.

  rdave13 04 Oct 11

Lucky I copied my response earlier. Saves re-typing :)

  spuds 04 Oct 11

Buteman,I have been away from the internet for a day or more, so I was wondering why the slowness and 'Waiting For' was happening, when opening pages or trying to respond to posts, when I connected to this website from mid afternoon onwards. Thanks for the information.

  simonjary 04 Oct 11

We think the site got hit by a mass of requests on our iPhone 4S launch story. Should be functioning again now.

  Nontek 04 Oct 11

Working, but still like walking through treacle! A little while ago it kept timing-out!

  Nontek 04 Oct 11

Up to speed again now!

  simonjary 04 Oct 11

Ok, feel better now. Many of the biggest tech websites hit by attack (rumour says Chinese) during Apple iPhone 4S launch - not just PCA.

Still very annoying, mind.


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