PCA dead in the water

  woodchip 12 May 11

It is hear, and never know it as bad as this. If this as been moved to another server. Looks like it needs moving back.

  Woolwell 12 May 11

Slow first thing. Now not so bad.

  woodchip 12 May 11

Cannot understand it, one minute it will not move just like its dead then next minute its that fast, its changed pages without me noticing it. I have now turned Java Script off and its seems to be okay for the Mo

  Woolwell 12 May 11

I wonder if it is slow whilst they are updating the site. Perhaps wishful thinking as we're still waiting for the updates.

  woodchip 12 May 11

Wonder if Peter can tell us what's the reason

  woodchip 12 May 11

PS it took me about twenty minutes to get logged in

  Woolwell 12 May 11

Seems like very few posts today.

  RussB78 12 May 11

If this site isn`t dead in the water, it does a damn good impression of one that is. This is the sixth time i`ve tried to post today, and there is a definite shortage of posts at the moment.

  LastChip 12 May 11

Guys! Look, I'm not trying to defend PCA, but please appreciate, this is a major upgrade.

I can tell you from my own experience, CMS (content management systems) on which PCA is based, can be notoriously difficult to get up to speed.

They are never going to be as fast as a conventional website, but equally, you need a CMS to enjoy the interaction that it provides (ie posts).

If you all recall, the last time there was a similar change, PCA exhibited much the same problems, but in time, it was cured.

I'm quite sure, the management of PCA and Peter are less than pleased with the reliability and speed currently being exhibited. But give it time, and as before, I'm sure all will be well.

  Graphicool1 12 May 11


I'm sure what you say is most probably true. But it still doesn't send out a good image to lesser computer savvy people and newbee's who come on here looking for help with their problems. If the site that they're turning is having so much trouble trying to get their own house in order, does it?

  woodchip 12 May 11


I will give you 3 * for that


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