PCA competition

  carver 19:35 27 Feb 03

Today I had a newsletter about the PCA competition to win a AJP Notebook, so again I tried to get onto that site, again I failed, all I get is a blank page. Has anyone got onto this site because, supprise! there is only one winner up to now.

  the lone cloner 19:41 27 Feb 03

same for me have mailed pc advisor twice about this and got no response (highly peed off with this)could it be an invisible page? OR a conspiricy?

  Djohn 21:35 27 Feb 03

I got a similar e-mail today, said, "NO winners to date" :o(

  Belatucadrus 21:51 27 Feb 03

I've been there, surprise surprise I didn't win.

  VoG™ 22:42 27 Feb 03
  bruno 23:06 27 Feb 03

Which issue is the number supposed to be in.I have every edition sent by post and I can't find it.

  Cordy13 23:08 27 Feb 03


  Cordy13 23:09 27 Feb 03

Page 135

  Forum Editor 23:16 27 Feb 03

please don't run duplicate threads in both forum areas - it's confusing.

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