woodchip 19:44 24 Mar 03

This site as become just about useless to navigate as it does not work half the time you click a thread or post to a thread. And I am getting very irritated I am using Netscape 7 it works OK elsewhere. It may be the add's as with netscape you can see the different paths it as to negociate to get to the page too many cookie site add's to mention

  Scouse 19:55 24 Mar 03

Having same problem as woodchip. Site is very Glitchy.


  graham 20:00 24 Mar 03

Sorry your're having problems, can't say I am having the same troubles. To compare:

AOL, Broadband, middle of England.

  MAJ 20:00 24 Mar 03

I think it's the amount of traffic, woodchip, as I notice this happens around this time most nights. It is usually a lot faster and shows less errors during the day. I can well understand your irritation because I think my record, to date, is seven attempts at answering a post. As the free ISPs used to say, "We are becoming victims of our own success", if I may be so bold. :-)

  woodchip 20:04 24 Mar 03

Just had a look at my NetMedic software and it's showing a local router problem

  graham 20:05 24 Mar 03

PS: just noticed the 3's are back, to add to the traffic. I suppose they put them on when it's busy, but that's no consollation to woodchip and fellow sufferers.

  spikeychris 20:07 24 Mar 03

Woody no problems here. lancs NTL BB. You do however seem to be having a lot of problems lately..


  woodchip 20:18 24 Mar 03

Cannot understand it, It seems to be working a bit better now PCA must have upped the gain

  Pesala 20:26 24 Mar 03

What are the 3's?

  woodchip 20:37 24 Mar 03

It's a mobile Video phone Add, It’s one that I thankfully do not get with Netscape

  woodchip 20:55 24 Mar 03

That's it I am of to watch Telly, it's hopeless on hear. Going to tick thread as it seem’s there is now answer to the problem

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