woodchip 15:51 11 Jun 04

Why is this forum, Sorry about this FE but it's getting me down as I have had problems on and off for three to four days. I cannot get PCA to change pages, it just drags on and on I have just tried click here and got a 46.000bps on Dial-Up. I cannot get PCA to log on correctly or load pages as it should, And it's nothing to do with comp as it's the same on new comp with XP and a different Modem

  woodchip 15:59 11 Jun 04

This as been an on off thing and not my ISP as I have a program that I can detect if it is at my end

  woodchip 16:29 11 Jun 04

This is really bugging me and ready for chucking me wellies away. Just had you had, “You have accessed this page wrong” twice error

  Graham ® 16:33 11 Jun 04

It's been a bit unpredictable for me today. Seems OK at the moment.

  Graham ® 16:35 11 Jun 04

Spoke too soon! That took 30 seconds to post.

  dewskit 16:46 11 Jun 04

Certainly been running slowly for me for the last couple of days
Taking upwards of 30 seconds to show a topic - this on Broadband


  woodchip 16:52 11 Jun 04

I am about to take my bat and ball and find somewhere else to play

  ventanas 16:55 11 Jun 04

Same here, been up and down for a few days. Some threads open immediately, others take 30 secs or more, and thats with broadband. I think this accounts for the multiple postings that are appearing. People are probably clicking the button more than once because it appears nothing is happening.

  ventanas 16:58 11 Jun 04

Sorry Woodchip, just seen you've already spotted that.

  ventanas 17:03 11 Jun 04

That multiple posting by luckylittler looks very strange. Four show just one response yet they all have exactly the same multiple responses.

  woodchip 17:05 11 Jun 04

Just posted to the thread "Cannot run scandisk". Pressed response once and it as posted three times in same thread. Something radically wrong with the site

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