PC2100 or pc 133?

  taffyal 15:13 02 May 09

I have 2PCs, 1 has MSI P4MAM-L Mobo, other has ECS K7S5A mobo.Both have PC2100 ram in them,MSI has 768, ECS has 512. I've been given 2x 512 PC133. Would they fit, & would a gig of PC133 be better than 1/2 or 3/4 gig of 2100? Shame to waste them!! Cheers, Al

  taffyal 15:51 02 May 09

Just looked inside,only the ECS will take the PC133.So is it worth shifting them about to have a gig of PC2100 in the MSI, & a gig of PC133 in the ECS?

  N47 16:07 02 May 09

The MSi only takes DDr so put the 1Gb in that.
The ECS takes both types of ram, as you have found out, so put the 1Gb of pc133 in that one.

  taffyal 17:09 02 May 09

Thanks. Will the gig of PC133 be much improvement on the 1/2 gig of PC2100?

  taffyal 20:51 02 May 09

It may be my imagination, but the gig of pc133 seems slower than the 512 pc2100!!!

  Terminus90 22:26 02 May 09

yes you will be right about that. pc133 runs on a motherboard that has a speed of 133Mhz, whereas PC2100 runs on a motherboard that has a speed of 266mHZ

  taffyal 13:13 03 May 09

Now I have the gig of PC133 in, my Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing! Could this be faulty ram?

  cream. 13:56 03 May 09

it could well be faulty ram, try a ram test.

What operating system are you using with the sdram?

  taffyal 15:50 03 May 09

XP home. How do I do a ram test please?

  taffyal 16:50 03 May 09

Just used Passmark burn in test, & it passed!! Could it be not powerful enough? Mind you, its only running an Athlon 1.2 pcu. Perhaps best to revert to the 512 PC2100, & put the PC133 on Ebay!!

  taffyal 13:20 04 May 09

Went back to 512 PC2100. OK again!

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