PC1066 vs PC800

  climb45 22:41 10 Oct 09

I'm considering upgrading my Dell Dimension 8250 RIMM from 512Mb. My options are an additional 512Mb of PC1066-32 to match that currently installed or an extra 1Gb of PC800-40 memory which will cost about the same. The question is which will bring the greatest improvement in performance - the lower amount of faster memory or the higher amount of slower memory?

  GaT7 22:42 10 Oct 09

"....which will bring the greatest improvement in performance?"

The higher amount of slower memory. G

  climb45 19:59 11 Oct 09

Have just realised that the PC800 option is ecc where as the installed memory is non-ecc. Although this MIGHT work, it could cause instability problems so the PC1066 is the better choice in this case.

Thanks for your advice, Crossbow7

  GaT7 20:01 11 Oct 09

Yes, I don't think you can mix the 2 types of memory, i.e. ECC & non-ECC.

If the original RAM is ECC get ECC, & if non-ECC get non-ECC. Again the speed (1066Mhz vs 800Mhz) won't matter too much. G

  DieSse 22:44 11 Oct 09

Some useful RIMM FAQs. click here

As they say "usually" that means there is not an absolute guarantee that mixing speeds will work.

That's why I normally deprecate mixing RAM speeds, as tolerances vary and you can get problems that are very intermittent and difficult to trace.

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