is this pc worth £780

  mt50 12:27 31 May 03

hi i'm buying a new pc which will be used for work, internet and hopefuly the latest game. so i would like to know is this pc good value for just under £800 -click here


  Rayuk 13:10 31 May 03

Looks ok
Aluminium case
decent graphics card etc.
Just a couple of points
It states software non.
You need dvd player and also burning software check they come with it.
It lists cordless Keyboard and mouse then
mouse scroll wheel mouse.are they one and the same??

  User-312386 13:16 31 May 03

you dont need a monitor then?

  terminus 13:19 31 May 03

since you asked a similar question yesterday @17.57 are you going to make this a regular habit?

  User-312386 13:23 31 May 03

i also see that you have on the list a

Keyboard:Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse (Black/Silver)
Mouse:Scroll Wheel Mouse

take the keyboard out and save yourself £3

  User-312386 13:26 31 May 03

you can ask away as many times as you like

its a big expense and i bought from nethighstreet, they are good systems

i would also look at there elite systems as you will find that the items that you want are there and you can get them cheaper as well

  mt50 13:36 31 May 03

thanks- rayuk i forgot to take the mouse out of it.

madboy- i've allready got a 15inch tft.

terminus- i decided not to go with the time pc so want advise on this one.

madboy- what is the customer service like? does it come with any software?

ps what are the lan-li cases like?

  User-312386 13:50 31 May 03

some of the systems come with bundled software

Customer service FANTASTIC

i would pay the extra £10 for collect and return

They forgot to put my software encoder in the package, i phoned them and next day it was on my doorstep.

The computer comes with all mobo drivers and an XP disc.

I would give them a call

print out the specs you would prefer, give them a call and see what software they can bundle together for you

I did a system build from scratch, to my needs

I see you say you have a TFT and you want to play games

The TFT may struggle a bit as most of them have a max resolution of 1028x768 and your new system will be a lot quicker for that

I would go and get a CRT monitor

I got the 753 SVGA colour monitor(£27 extra) and its fantastic

  mt50 13:58 31 May 03

thanks for that madboy i think i will see what games look like on my tft fist becuse i haven't got that much space to put a big monitor.

  User-312386 14:00 31 May 03

oh another thing

why are you going for the alli case, that just seems a bit of a waste of £51 if you ask me

you could get the same sort of spec from nethight street with a monitor and the same specs you want, withought the alli case for £650 plus vat

here is a system i have just made for you click here with the monitor

  mt50 14:04 31 May 03

thanks madboy but i am going for the alli case because i don't like the look of the other cases.
that system looks good though thanks.

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