PC World/Advent recovery CDs...

  greenfeld69 11:13 02 Mar 05

Under my warranty they're going to fit a new hard drive for me (old one is corrupt).

Does anybody know if a PC World/Advent restore disk will run if I buy a new drive myself? I don't want to wait a week so will get a new drive and run two when it arrives (maybe ghost it) but I'm worried there are files needed on the old hard drive (in a hidden partition) to run the recovery CD properly.

  ventanas 11:37 02 Mar 05

I have a Advent about three and a half years old. Came with with recovery disc Win Me OEM. The hard drive failed December 2003. Being a Seagate it had a three year manufacturers warranty. I returned it to Seagate in Holland and had a replacement in ten days.

In the meantime I purchased a new hard drive (much larger) and installed this fully expecting that the recovery disc would not work, and I was right.

If this happens to you you have big problem. Fortunately I was intending to move up to XP anyway. The recovery disc was useless, but I still had my old retail Win98 CD, which I used and then put an XP upgrade disc over the top.

If you do not have any other O/s cd (retail not OEM) and your recovery disc behaves the same as mine did, you will have no option but to purchase a new full version of Windows. (Home is about £160.00)

I would therefore wait for PC World to replace the drive, as this will have the necessary hidden reinstall files on it. As its under warranty the additional cost shouldn't be a problem.

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