PC World Health Check

  watty123 21:47 04 May 03

Hi, I read in PCAD about health check so took my old PC into the Preston shop.
Told it would take 20 mins or 1hour 3/4s depending on the PC.

4 and a 1/2 hours later it was in a worse state than when I took it in! And still not sorted.
I gave up and ask them to put in my windows 98 disc, I just wanted out of there.

Since I then have bought a new PC, guess where I didn't get it from!
Took some earlire advice from here and went to Evesham.

Have anyone else had all this trouble with health check???

Watty 123

  hillybilly 01:22 05 May 03

Sure have, went to Lakeside with 128Mb Ram installed. Asked for a health Check and upgrade to 512Mb Ram. At the end of the day I took it home with 896Mb Ram and it would not boot up, I ended up reformatting the drive and reinstalling. The ram problem? they installed uncompatible memory!

  jeez 03:54 05 May 03

My friend took his pc into pc world for a healthcheck and a ram upgrade (extra 256) it came back with a dead mobo and two fried 256mb ram modules, work that one out! (they did fix it though after he complained!)

  hugh-265156 13:15 05 May 03

i stupidly paid for an extended warranty on my purchase from pc world last october.whats done is done however and i now know better but this extra warranty entitles me to a free healthcheck each year and was toying with the idea of bringing my computer in for one.dont think ill bother.

  Kryten 13:27 05 May 03

brought a PC from PC World and had the extended warranty. The PC worked perfectly, until he took it in for a health check. When it came back it was slow and kept crashing. He got a friend of his to try to sort it out but was not much better. In the end he gave to to me to completely wipe the Hard Drive Re-partition and Re-install. Now works perfectly again an he wont be taking it back for a health check.

I had a Laptop from PC World 9 months ago with the extra warranty. It has worked flawlessly since I have had it, so I don't think I will let them get their grubby hands on it.

  Tenner 13:40 05 May 03

Did a searchm above : PCWorld AND Health Check and found the following click here

hope it helps


  Tenner 13:48 05 May 03

Oooops, didn't work, did it ? Sorry. Try :

PC World AND Health Check, hit 2nd radio button ( on RHS ) search all titles and threads, Consumer Watch and all discussions = that'll give about 6 threads with 60-odd postings over a number of years - time is not likely to be relevant, leopard and spots and all that !


  Fateful Shadow 14:11 05 May 03

I took my PC into PC World for a health-check and I don't think my PC'S been this bad!

Has anyone else got one of those PC Performance certificates which entitles you to go into PC World when you have a problem with your computer so they can fix it? I have one and when I rang they gave me an appointment which was delayed for 3 weeks, they kept my computer in there about 1 week more than they were supposed to, and they STILL didn't fix my problem!

  pj123 15:25 05 May 03

What can I say????

We all know the answer.

  Pilch.... 15:32 05 May 03

Get a friend that knows what they are doing.

Most people know of someone that can do things like defrag, scan disk etc, all the basic's.

PC World i have known to charge a lot for upgrades that i could do for people for £15 rather than £50 as they originally tried to charge my bother in law for. I still go to PC World, but very rarely buy hard ware. I have only brought a joypad and the rest of the time it is software that i buy.

  graham√ 17:06 05 May 03

A friend took her PCWorld bought PC for a health check. When she got it back all her work files had gone as they had done a re-format, blaming AOL program!

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