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  DJ333 07 Jun 11

I have read some of the useful advice with regard to complaining about this company. I have posted this as I read in another thread that PC Advisor like to hear about this sort of thing to help support the consumer.

PC first sent away on 15th March 2011 and still unable to use it.

Has been collected and returned 4 times, power leads lost, wrong replacements sent, returned damaged on 3rd occasion, 2 promises to write off, told to go to store (18 miles away) to get leads they DIDN'T have! Supplied with wrong leads from store, told to take PC and monitor to store, told to contact Packard Bell to get lead and they would reimburse me! I DID NOT LOSE THE LEAD, THEY DID!!!

I do have a current and full after sales care and service contract STILL being paid for EVERY month!!

SO ANGRY!!! Is there anything else I can do? Any further advice or even sympathies gratefully received.

  lotvic 08 Jun 11

That is dreadful service, You should contact 'ConsumerDirect' ClickHere or telephone and they will help guide you to resolve. I had to use them last year to get a refund on a pc because the company's 'Terms&Conditions' said I could not have a refund. Turned out that their T&C's were not lawful and they had to pay up (and alter their T&C's) Trading Standards Office sorted them out.

Call Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 or fill in an online form.

The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm


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