pc wont turn on

  stefw82 23:27 25 Nov 07

i logged off my pc this morning and went to turn on few hours later.
so i push the power button in and it jsut flashed like it is going to turn on, my keyboard and mouse flashes aswell.

also the drives sound like they are booting up but it jsut doest go on.

anyone know what i should do?

thnaks in advance.

  Graham. 23:41 25 Nov 07

Is the monitor turned on?

  Strawballs 23:42 25 Nov 07

If you are using a graphics card and the machine has onboard graphics as well try removing the card and plugging the monitor into the socket on the motherboard.

  stefw82 23:51 25 Nov 07

yes monitor is on, the issue has to be with the base unit as the lights round the on/power button flash on and off.

i believe i just have 1 graphics card and no onboard.

ive had the pc around 4 years and had serviced around 2 years ago and i clear for dust every now and again.

  xania 08:54 26 Nov 07

Any beeps or other sounds?

Check that ram, graphics card, sound card, any other add-on cards and keyboard and mouse, are all firmly connected. If still the same, remove everything except grpahics and one stick of RAM (if only one stick, it would help if you can borrow a stick form elsewhere) and try again. If still nothing, I would suspect the motherboard has gone.

  birdface 09:58 26 Nov 07

It could be your PSU,Can you hear a bleep when it tries to start.

  stefw82 22:53 26 Nov 07

ive got it turned on now, its worked once i got home from work.

though for some reason the mouse wont work now when it goes on, i have tried another mouse and that doesnt work either.

  xania 08:56 27 Nov 07

I would suspect that something is loose and leaving it overnight may have settiled the item but not solved the problem so still check all your components.

How many time have you rebooted since it started working? Is this a serial mouse or a USB mouse.

  birdface 10:18 27 Nov 07

Try Safe Mode, And last good configuration.See If that helps.I suppose you could try a system restore to an earlier date it might get your mouse working.

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