PC Wont Switch On - At All!

  Ross Murray 19:07 22 Oct 06


I have a desktop PC, which although not in regular use is used is a print server for our wireless network.

This afternoon I went to switch it on.. but nothing - at all happened, no lights, no fans, completely dead. We had a power cut on Friday but the PC is connected to a power surge adapter.

The PC is an Advent 3115 Athlon XP 3600+ about 3 years old and to be honest has been the work piece of kit I have ever used... almost every component, including the Monitor has had to be replaced!

I've tried using spare power cables, plugging in at different sockets and cleaned out the case of all dust.

Any ideas?

  Ross Murray 19:09 22 Oct 06

Sorry about the typing errors in that message.

  sparks3 19:10 22 Oct 06

check power suply is reaching computer and all connections


  Jak_1 19:58 22 Oct 06

sounds like a dead psu.

  michaelandjolou 20:09 22 Oct 06

Have you checked the fuse at the plug?

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