PC Won't Start

  Mygeneration 14 Apr 12

I've got an old Bravo Sempron PC which I was hoping to use for backup as I now have a Delta V3, I think it's called.

Old PC was working but I think the hard disk may have been on the way out.

All that happens now is that the fan attached to the motherboard comes on. That's it. The fan at the back of the casing doesn't work, there's no sign of the hard drive booting up, and I can't even switch off using the on/off button, I have to unplug.

I even tried to open the CD drive which seems to have its own power supply but nothing.

No chance of getting as far as the bios!

Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14 Apr 12

Disconnect anything plugged into USB ports

open case and Disconnect HDD and DVD drives

See if it will boot to an error message or to BIOS.

  Mygeneration 18 Apr 12

Thanks, tried that. I also replaced the cmos battery but no change.

It has a winfast 760GXK8MC motherboard.

I'm wondering if it's the power supply unit bacause whilst the fan on the motherboard works, the DVD drive won't open.

  KRONOS the First 18 Apr 12

Is this your Mobo? Foxconn winfast 760GXK8MC

To be honest it could be any manner of problems, from a faulty PSU to ram to motherboard. So it depends on how much you want to get this old,you don't say how old, PC working. You could certainly try another PSU if you have one or can get one cheaply enough, that would at least rule power supply as the cause or not.

  Mygeneration 19 Apr 12

Thanks. The PC is 5 years old.

I have just tried a new PSU, exactly the same problem. Only the fan on the motherboard works. I don't even think the new PSU fan was working.

Now I'm wondering if this is caused by a hard disk failure, but wouldn't I still be able to get into the BIOS?


  KRONOS the First 19 Apr 12

Sounds like mobo problems then.


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