PC Won't Start Up

  C3 23:16 22 Nov 07

I've been away for a few days and my main PC won't turn on now.

The Motherboard Power light is on, the network cable light is on, so I know there is power to the board.

I've checked the connections for the Power Button, they are in tight and I've checked the wires connecting to the power button itself. All looks fine.

What else could it be?

  woodchip 23:33 22 Nov 07

Remove Data Cable from hard Drive, see if you get anything on screen when you boot

  C3 23:45 22 Nov 07

Don't know why removing the data cables would make any difference, but tried it, still wouldn't start up.

Tried removing the power cables as well from the hard drives. Still nothing. I'm still thinking it is a problem with the power button.

  woodchip 23:50 22 Nov 07

Looks like the PSU needs replacing

  woodchip 23:52 22 Nov 07

PS Hard Drive Platters used to have a Habit of sticking to heads and the break. So it would not spin up that's why I said the above

  C3 00:06 23 Nov 07

I hope that the PSU isn't knackered. I think it is still under warranty though which is good (Enermax 620w PSU).

I'll try and hunt out a case and see if I can rig up a power button, just to check that the power button itself hasn't died.

  woodchip 00:24 23 Nov 07

Power button does not do nothing other than short two pins out on the motherboard to make a connection. You can do this with a Screwdriver. Bottom right corner of MOBO you will seeall the wires most pins are marked it should be PWR

  C3 00:34 23 Nov 07

Just changed the power button. No change, so I guess the PSU is toast. Ah well, time to start making some calls I guess. Thanks Woodchip!

  birdface 10:47 23 Nov 07

How to check PSU.click here

  C3 20:31 25 Nov 07

Thanks Buteman, I tried that and the fan worked.

A friend of mine suggested changing the BIOS battery as apparently, if the battery goes dead, the power button signal won't get through. So I cannabilised another PC and put a new BIOS battery in. Now when I press the button, I get the fans starting up for about 5 seconds, then everything switches off. I've tried it with the power leads only connected to the motherboard and currently have the graphics card and C drives (2 x SATA in RAID 0) connected.

So what does this show? That the PSU is knackered, or there is a problem with the motherboard?

  woodchip 21:17 25 Nov 07

I would say yes.

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