Pc wont come on

  londonknights 22:06 18 Sep 04

hello, My kids PC had a dodgy on off button but they could still turn it on..today they downloaded power defrag started using it then the pc went dead.. we tried to switch it on but no power whatsoever. I had a spare power sw lead which i connected but still no joy, no power at all no lights nothing. is it possible the motherboard has blown?...(would power still come on?) or would it be more likely that the power supply itself has died?.thank you.its got all their homework on.Im in bother!

  VoG II 22:09 18 Sep 04

Could it be just the on/off button that is kaput?

  broadlinkdesign.com 22:13 18 Sep 04

Can you test it with another power supply?

  neko 22:17 18 Sep 04

Hi there.

If you are desperate for their homework and have a PC of your own you could always put in their hard drive as a slave to your own.

You could check the power connection to the motherboard is secure. Does the fan run on the CPU?

If not you could check with a multimeter if you are getting power to the board, if not you have a a power supply problem or less likely a power socket problem.
If you don't know how to do this pop to Maplins or some where similar they will tell you without charging.

  broadlinkdesign.com 22:21 18 Sep 04

Have you tried using the reset switch (if your case has one) as the power switch. These could help indentify the problem.

  londonknights 23:32 18 Sep 04

Thanks for all your help... I will try to sort it using all your suggestions..

Thanks again

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