pc won't boot unless press reset button

  clipperton 13:22 07 Aug 03

I have a Mesh PC P2 400 320RAM, 8 & 12(slave) gig HD,NVIDIA geforce 2 64mb card, win xp pro.

Ageing - bought Dec 98

Without adding extra hardware or altering settings when you press the power on button - HDD light comes on & CDROM light but monitor doesn't. Have checked & changed lead etc. If you then press the reset button computer starts normally.

?HDD starting to fail ? motherboard

I appreciate your help

  Wes Tam ;-) 13:32 07 Aug 03

A quote from click here with the same problem:

"the problem could be with the power supply and the monitor draining to much juice upon startup thus not allowing the computer to boot. I tried switching the monitor onto a completely separate surge protector and the computer now boots without a glitch. I have tried for the last couple of days and no problems so far. I've been able to recreate the problem by simply plugging both the computer and the monitor into the same surge protector. Don't know if this is correct but it works for now."

  stlucia 13:39 07 Aug 03

Similar problem to one I had a while ago -- sometimes there was a brief whirr from a fan or HDD when power switch was pressed, but PC wouldn't start. Sometimes it took two or three tries with the power switch or reset switch before it would start.

Turned out to be a failing psu -- presumably the electronic bit in the psu that takes instructions from the motherboard. Replacement has been trouble-free.

  canard 13:48 07 Aug 03

Happened to me twice and suspect it is the switch itself. Now remember to press firmly and keep pressure central to the button.

  clipperton 14:00 07 Aug 03

thanks for all the advice, I'll try above tonight when I get home & let U know

  clipperton 08:07 08 Aug 03

Above worked - so far so good. Thanks to all above for advice

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