PC won't boot up after sleep mode!

  puddylump 04 Apr 12


Last night, I shut down my computer and in the dark, I must have hit a sleep button instead of the power down button. This isn't normally a problem as I can just press a key on the keyboard and it wakes up. This time however, it didn't do this. I'm using a wireless keyboard and figured that it wasn't working for some reason. I tried plugging in a wired keyboard to the same effect. I tried doing a cold shutdown, still nothing. Whenever it boots up, it just returns to sleep mode.

After an hour of trawling various internet forums for answers, I found out that my BIOS might be corrupted. I really don't want to have to go inside my computer and do various tests on it, so if anyone can help me here, that would be great.

I'm running Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit, and I don't have a recovery disk.

Thanks in advance.

  onthelimit1 04 Apr 12

Have you tried 'last known good configuration' (tap f8 during boot to display the menu)?

  puddylump 04 Apr 12


Thing is, the monitor doesn't show anything when I boot up. It's like the computer is just booting into sleep mode. I've tried tapping F8 over and over, but nothing happens.

  lotvic 04 Apr 12

Unplug from the mains wall socket, Press and Hold in the Power Button for 30 seconds. Wait at least another 2 or 3 minutes and then plug back in and boot up. This often clears it.

If that doesn't work then tell us if there is any sign of life - lights, fan noise etc. (Have you checked the fuse in the mains plug if there is no sign of life?)

  puddylump 04 Apr 12


Haha! I tried this about 15 minutes before you posted, and it worked! Thank you :)

  lotvic 04 Apr 12



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