PC Wont Boot

  Legslip 02 Apr 12

My pals PC won't boot. When switched on, all we get on the monitor is a screen displaying details of the Graphics Card. No beeps and can't get into the Bios. Any thoughts?

  lotvic 02 Apr 12

Has it got onboard graphics? if so you could take out the card and then see if it will boot up or if you can into BIOS.

  lotvic 02 Apr 12

A quick google reveals could be a PSU problem.

  Legslip 02 Apr 12

Thanks Lotvic. There is no Graph Card so I think this means the graphics are onboard?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 02 Apr 12

Unplug all devices in USB ports

check no disks in drives retry

if still same unplug all drives and see if it will boot to an error message.

  rdave13 02 Apr 12

Can you get to safe mode?

  Legslip 02 Apr 12

Cant get to Safe Mode. Have tried a replacement Power Unit. No good! Think the Mbd perhaps has gone kaput?

  Legslip 02 Apr 12

I have another old but functional PC. If I take the HD out of the duff PC and put it into the working one, will it function OK?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 02 Apr 12

Not to boot the system as the drivers will be for the wrong motherboard.

If IDE set as slave, if sata then no problem, you should then be able to get data off the drive

if you get Access denied then we need to know what OP system as you will need to take ownership of the files.

  bailiff43 29 May 12

hi all............my pc crashed and would not boot up,would not go to safe mode....i took out my ram sticks and and found one to be fried/burnt...re-booted and pc ran fine,just replaced the broken ram 29.99 and most pc shops/repairer's wanted a min of 80.00 just to look at it.....hope it helps as i got the info from a thread like this.....


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