Pc won't boot up

  coubury 21:35 12 Jul 09

when i turn my pc on i get a black screen and all i see is numbers in the top right,

they keep riaing like

1 then 2 then 3 then 4 etc etc

I see f10 for setup i press f10 and nothing happens but the numbers keep rising.

  coubury 21:41 12 Jul 09

I should add after the numbers it says mb

  birdface 22:07 12 Jul 09

Not really any idea as to whats going on.But maybe try in safe mode and see if it starts all right in that .If so maybe try last good configuration or a system restore to when it was running ok.[Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.]

  coubury 22:10 12 Jul 09

it wont move from that black screen with the ram numbers thats all that it shows

I put an xp cd in and it wont even read that.

  DieSse 22:12 12 Jul 09

What make is it - Compaq or IBM perhaps? How old is it?

Sounds a lot like a RAM check - that's how it looks on some systems.

If you just leave it, does it eventually boot up?

  coubury 22:15 12 Jul 09

Its a compaq

Pretty old 5 years i think

well i only left it on for about 5 mins but nothing had happend during that time.

should i leave it on for longer?

  coubury 22:23 12 Jul 09

I left it on there, once it gets to 1024, the screen goes all weird like the graphics are messed up.

is the onboard graphics fucked?

The pc was working grand the other day

  DieSse 23:39 12 Jul 09

What model Compaq is it?

BTW the forum is very carefully watched, so please mind the language. You may be let off once as a newbie here - but prolly not twice.

  woodchip 23:46 12 Jul 09

may be ram or drive its checking, if its drive its going to take some time. may be a good idea to turn monitor of and leave it to do what it's trying to do

  coubury 01:28 14 Jul 09

Soory mate.

I dunno what happen it keeps restarting now

plus something pops up trap 0000x000 all this al weird numbers and letters that don't make sense.

I think it fried?

  sunnystaines 01:41 14 Jul 09

there used to be a virus a few years ago that did this, have you run your AV.

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