pc won't boot up

hi my friend has given me his HP a000 pavillion desktop to have alook at, but i can't seem to get it to work, when you turn it on nothing happens the fans spin, the hard drive does not spin up, there are no error beeps from the mobo, but the power button at the front flashes twice, any advise would be greatly appreciated.



  crosstrainer 07:11 13 Jun 08

Sounds like a dead power supply to me.

oh i thought that was ok because there is a green led on the rear that is always on.

  crosstrainer 07:59 13 Jun 08

Not necessarily, part of a PSU can fail rendering it incapable of supplying enough juice to boot the PC.

open the case

Check for dust accumulation in the fan areas of the PSU, and other fans.

If you can get hold of a PSU, changing it is not a major issue as long as you have the correct item for the system.

Borrowing one if possible is best before laying out £££

ok i'll give that a go thanks, anymore ideas if that does not work

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:08 13 Jun 08

Does it boot to a error message regarding failed to find op system (your drive not running)

unplug hard drives and see if you get to that message
faulty drive may be pulling the power down but more likely a dying PSU as previously stated.

i have tried another hard drive in, but the same happened no error beeps and nothing on screen, not even the bios startup is being displayed

  crosstrainer 10:55 13 Jun 08

Try removing all the memory sticks, and see if you get a BIOS screen. If you do you may have faulty memory modules.

hi the original psu was a 250 watt i only had a 350 spare to so i tried it, and nothing fans spin no bios screen, i have tried taking out the memory disconnected all the drives taken out the modem, still nothing no beep errors only thing that happen's is the power light on the front flashes twice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:06 13 Jun 08

or CPU

4pin connection for cpu fitted?

4 pin cpu is fitted, what would happen if i tried taking out the cpu and turning it on with eveything disconnected, eg ram drives fan

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