PC won't boot

  Blanc Glacier 10:08 21 Nov 05

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if you could help me. I went to turn on my PC last night and all i get is a green LED light on my tower, and nothing else, i.e. hard drive not booting / no display on monitor. I have onboard graphics...any help / suggestions?


  recap 10:54 21 Nov 05

If you can use another Monitor, then you may be able to track down the cause of the problem.

  Blanc Glacier 11:03 21 Nov 05

Hi there, i have tried using another monitor but still no luck.

  Skyver 11:10 21 Nov 05

Any beeps from the PC when you switch on?

  c4rmo 11:57 21 Nov 05

does cpu / chipset / gfx fans start ???

  Blanc Glacier 11:58 21 Nov 05

Hi, no beeps what so ever...but i dont understand because i get a green LED light..maybe the power supply?

  Blanc Glacier 12:09 21 Nov 05

Thanks for your help, im at uni at present but i will look as soon as i get home, however i dont hear anything at all from the PC so perhaps it could be the power supply.

  Skyver 12:20 21 Nov 05

No beeps isn't a good sign, power supply would be my first thought too.

  Blanc Glacier 17:14 23 Nov 05

Hi Guys, just to let you know i installed a new 230w power supply and it works a treat, so that was my problem. A quick question...i have a floppy drive, cd rw, dvd rw & 2 x hdd's all cables being used so hence no additional fan installed...would using a splitter to get one running be ok, being so i only have a 230 power supply.


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