PC will not load any software

  Jimbo Blue 15:47 22 Mar 09

Hi all

I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3 on a Dell Dimension E521. It's been running sweet as a nut will last few days. It started freezing after I installed a security programme provided by NatWest bank (Trusteer Rapport) and upgraded Skype to the latest version. My first thought was Rapport was conflicting with Kaspersky IS7 so I uninstalled to see if that had any effect.

It sure did! Matters got rapidly worse! System was freezing on everything and refusing to load any programmes. So in my infinite wisdom (ha! ha!) I tried to also uninstall Skype but could not progress far enough to action it.

I have been trying to boot into safe mode to either uninstall Skype and/or restore my system to an earlier time before all this started. However, my machine won't even do that. The furthest I've got is part way through a restore before the machine freezes. The mouse still works OK.

If I try to again boot into safe mode, when I get the window asking if I want to continue in safe mode or restore, whichever button I click on makes no difference as the thing just cycles with the same window repeatedly being displayed.

I have looked 'under the bonnet' and cleaned the machine and also reseated all the boards and checked all other connections as it seemed it may be an overheating problem and I also checked that the fans were all running OK and they are.

If anyone can make a suggestion (of the useful variety preferably!) I would be delighted.

Thanks in advance.


  PO79 16:33 22 Mar 09

If it's got to the stage where you can;t boot at all, then maybe booting from the WinXP cd and a repair install will do the trick

click here

  birdface 16:36 22 Mar 09

Looks like there is a bit of confusion as to whether it is safe or not to use Trusteer Rapport as it is causing a bit of confusion with different bank customers.

click here=

  birdface 16:38 22 Mar 09

Maybe try a system restore to before it was installed in safe mode.[just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.]

  woodchip 22:11 22 Mar 09

Try copying CD to Desktop, Start in Safe Mode the Run Setup from the Copy

  Jimbo Blue 10:42 27 Mar 09


Thanks to you all for your help.

Whether there was a conflict twixt Rapport and Kaspersky I am not sure as the outcome was a catastrophic hard disk failure! So, I am not a happy bunny!!

Yes, I did backups. I have an external hard drive and backed up the full C drive with Norton Ghost and I also use Carbonite to back-up my most important files to a safe location on the internet, because in the event of fire or theft, I would probably lose both my PC and external HD.

Anyway, would you believe the foul ups on my PC caused a problem with the external drive which is now in the shop being (I hope!) sorted.

A salutory lesson to all about the importance of backups.


Jimbo Blue

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