PC will not detect wireless router.

  Why wont it work 12:20 08 Oct 07

Hi, we have an oridinary Belkin 54G wireless router connected to an internet cable. All was well until last night. Previously we had 9 pcs connecting to the router flawlessly. Last night however we had a power cut and the router wouldn't turn back on until we did a cold boot.

This wasn't really a problem as the router had been kept at default settings anyway. However one of the pcs can no longer see the router! It picks up 5 or 6 other networks but no longer our one. It has a belkin 54g usb adapter and runs xp. I have tried both the windows wirless configurator and the belkin one (and reinstalling the adapter numerous times....) It's driving me nuts as the routers settings are identical to what they were before.

Any help would be much appreciated.

  AI33 12:40 08 Oct 07

Open control panel, network connections on the machine that can not see the router. Select the wireless connection icon and right click. Go to properties and then wireless networks. Click on add and a new window pops up. Put in the network name for the router i.e. belkin. Un-tick the key is provided for me box and enter the network key. Ok all this and try internet explorer.

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  Why wont it work 12:57 08 Oct 07

Hi, that doesn't work I'm afraid... Thanks for the idea though. I'm sat next the pc on my laptop which has full signal strength.

Pulling my hair out here, hehe.

  AdeyA69 15:01 08 Oct 07

Could the powercut have interfered with the router's own flash memory? If so, you may need to reconfigure manually.

I have done this with a Belkin wireless router accessing it using the IP Address of the flash memory, (given in the paper instruction guide that came with the modem) using internet explorer. I needed a cable to do this though, as from here I had to initiate the wireless capability of the router.

Its very straight forward if you have the info you need, to hand and worked for me. But you may have already tried this.

Hope this helps. Adey

  woodchip 15:18 08 Oct 07

If other Comps Still connect ok, then the Proble is with the One that cannot. Recheck the settings for Encryption Key SSID etc

  Why wont it work 16:01 08 Oct 07

All the settings seem to be okay on the pc and the router. They are exactly as they were before the power cutt. I don't understand why it can see other networks but not our own! (It can even see one 20 houses away...)

It's a mystery, and a seriously annoying one at that!

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