PC to USB to TV?

  Legslip 31 May 13

My pal has some holiday pics stored on their PC and in slideshow they display in the correct order (as they were taken by date). When they save to USB and watch on TV the order changes. Is there a way of maintaining the correct date order as taken when displaying on TV?

Any assist greatly appreciated.

  Woolwell 31 May 13

May need to know the TV model. It could be that the TV is showing the photos in file name order and it may be possible to change the settings. A way round this is to name each file in date order by adding a 1, 2, etc. A bit laborious though.

  Legslip 31 May 13

Thank Woolwell. I think you are getting warm. I think the tv is sensing them by file name so that it shows File 1 first, then File 11 and then File 111 etc. think this is what we need to get around somehow? There are 700 pictures....zzzzzz!

  Woolwell 31 May 13

TV model?

  Legslip 31 May 13

Will let you know Thanks

  Chronos the 2nd 31 May 13

1: Click "Start" from the taskbar and click "My Pictures."

2: Open the folder of photos that you want to renumber.

3: Click "Edit," then click "Select All."

4: Right-click on the first photo file, then click "Rename." This highlights the photo file's name so you can edit it. If this is a set of pictures you shot at the zoo, you could name this image "Zoo.jpg"

5: Press "Enter" on your keyboard to rename each photo with the new base name and to add sequential numbers to them, such as "Zoo-001.jpg," "Zoo-002.jpg" and so on.

  Legslip 31 May 13

Thanks Chronos. Will give it a whirl and advise.

  Legslip 31 May 13

Thanks Chronos. Will give it a whirl and advise.


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