sut1576 01:44 27 Jun 12


i am looking to build a new pc for myself something thats fast and great for gaming and would like to know what parts i should get, i have a budget of around £800. i am looking to buy

(1) harddrive size isnt really and issue just big enough to run windows and afew games from.

(2) ram

(3) motherbaord

(4) cpu

(5) gfx card

i am currently running a radeon hd 5870 1gb do you think it would be more cost effective to buy a second 1 of these and run them as SLI or to just buy a new card as not sure what would be more powerful.

i am not interested in overclocking so am looking for fast and powerfull straight out the box,

thank for any help

  KRONOS the First 09:05 27 Jun 12

Does Your list include operating system? The five components you have listed is that all you need? What about case,psu,optical drive? Any peripherals needed KB/Mouse monitor?

  sut1576 10:02 27 Jun 12


i have all the parts you have listed from my old system. i am just looking for the parts listed.


  KRONOS the First 10:09 27 Jun 12

OK,I'll post some specs later.

  KRONOS the First 10:11 27 Jun 12

What PSU have you by the way, is the OS 32 or 64 BIT? this will make a difference with amount of RAM.What case are you using m-ATX mid tower or full tower?

  sut1576 20:50 27 Jun 12


the O/S is windows 7 64bit, the psu is a thermaltake 800watt

  sut1576 00:54 28 Jun 12

oh aand its a full tower

  KRONOS the First 09:56 28 Jun 12





Total £715.21

I can speak highly of the GPU and CPU as I have both.

  sut1576 11:36 28 Jun 12

thank you, can i ask why that cpu as i was looking at the i7 cpu as they seem a little more expensive but far more power or am i reading it wrong, the only reason i ask about the 17 is that i want this system to last me a few years so really dont want to have to replace parts in 18 months,


  KRONOS the First 12:01 28 Jun 12

Which i7 by the way? I picked the i5 2500K because if you Google it,it takes some beating as a gaming chip. Here's a good comparison site, Compare. Have a look and I a lot of cases the i5 will well beat the i7 in the gaming stakes. But as I do not know which i7 you are talking about I cannot comment on the difference.

  sut1576 21:47 28 Jun 12

i was thinking of the i7 3770k as it can be brought for around the £250 price,

the reason i was thinking of this is that this system will have to last me several years now so i want the best i can get now in the hope of it lasting as long as possible. but not sure if this chip is worth getting or not for my system as the 1 you hav said may do me better


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