PC Upgrade - Installation Query

  Ben Avery (Work) 19:24 20 Feb 03


I am going to perform the following upgrades to my PC:

*Radeon 7000 32MB Graphics card to a Radeon 8500 128MB one

*Athlon XP1600+ to an Athlon XP2000+

*Philips CDRW 40x16x10 to an Asustek CDRW 52x52x24

*Lite-on DVD to an Asustek DVD

Will it be a case of unplugging each item one at a time then just installing the new ones and drivers, or will I have to uninstall anything 1st?

OS = Win 2000 Pro



  cheapskate2k 19:30 20 Feb 03

The first thing I would ask is why are you upgrading in the first place? I can see that your cdrw is a bit old but I cant see that will gain a lot by upgrading the other components. Up to you I suppose but surely a dvd drive is a dvd drive, why would you want to change that? Surely it might be worth waiting a few months then you can make a noticable difference to the performance of your system.

  martincarolan 19:39 20 Feb 03

You should just be able to do it as you say, although you may need to mess about with the BIOS if they all are not working.

  Ben Avery (Work) 23:43 20 Feb 03

Should have stated that DVD drive tends to fail to read at times, CDRW drive is slower than I desire, and a friernd wants a system built so I'm using the other bits (Graphics, CPU and CDRW) in their PC as they don't want anything fancy.

Any prefered order to installing new bits?

I assume Graphics card and drivers would be best bet to start with?


  Ben Avery (Work) 08:40 21 Feb 03

bump-ety bump-ety bump!

  Elrond 08:45 21 Feb 03

I would install the grapics card first I reckon, while the old processor is in still. Then when all's fine I'd do the cd-rw and dvd drives. Make sure everythings up and and running, then replace ur CPU. Of course you cud do it any other combination, but that's how i'd do it. All the best

  Ben Avery (Work) 08:58 21 Feb 03

Thats what I thought.

Seems like a good idea to have the display drivers all set up and working nicely before changing the other items.

I will leave open for today incase anyone foresee's any problems that I haven't seen yet!


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