Pc to tv with dvi

  Sauermugg 08:47 AM 06 May 13


I use hdmi from pc to tv. My tv have no hdmi, so I use hdmi to dvi adapter.

My pc have problems finding my tv. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it deoesnt. I really cant figure out why.

I`ve tried to connect a ps3 and a samsung blu ray the same way, and it works great.

My pc use windows 7

Can you help me?


  Chronos the 2nd 09:19 AM 06 May 13

I use the same sat up except that the HDMI/DVI is at the PC end and do not have any problem now. But initially I did and it turned out to be the cable. But of course if you are using the same cable as your PS3 and BlueRay then that will not be the problem.

  Sauermugg 10:02 AM 06 May 13

Thanks for you reply I use the same cable. This is really strange. I try to connect the same way every time, and sometimes it works... Hmmm.. After all, I guess I do something different when it works...

Ive tried windows + P and Fn + F5, but that doesent do the trick.


  woodchip 10:49 AM 07 May 13

Mine is other way round PC DVI to TV HDMI and never had a problem, Cannot see why it should not work other way round unless you need to try a different cable as the plugs may not have good connections inside them

  lotvic 16:01 PM 07 May 13

Can't help with the HDMI/DVI part, but can tell you why your text goes small it is because you are using the symbol to the left of number 1 and all text between 2 of those ` is formatted. The proper apostrophe ' is on the same key as @


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