PC turns itself off

  wozza1987 20:58 17 Jun 07

I am having problems when I play football manager 2007 on my computer. Sometimes it just decides to turn itself off, yet other days it will work fine, I've sometimes thought it may be because the pc has been on too often etc etc. Any tips plz?

  daxian 23:05 17 Jun 07

hi wozza1987.....
you will probably find the game has tried to do something that windows is not happy with....
by default windows is set to shutdown/restart if a program is going to cause a crash/lockup the pc ,its one of the reasons xp is more stable than earlier versions ....if its a serious problem windows will tell you and send a report to microsoft detailing what happened .Dave.

  wozza1987 07:22 18 Jun 07

OK Thanks alot Dave

  €dstowe 07:34 18 Jun 07

A very frequent cause of a computer shutting down on you is overheating. This may be when the processor is working very hard and the fans are not sufficient to keep its temperature at a reasonable level. Made worse in hot weather.

Most modern computers have a system of temperature monitoring - check yours.

  wozza1987 11:35 18 Jun 07

Ok how do I check that please? And is there anything I can do if there is a problem with my system?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:07 18 Jun 07

See my list click here

  wozza1987 20:00 18 Jun 07

That's great thanks alot.

  wozza1987 11:45 19 Jun 07

Well my pc is getting worse now. Can anyone recommened a decent fan I can get as it must be that? My pc is just getting too hot. My pc is 4 years old aswell. Are the fans easy to fit? And how do I know which to buy?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:33 19 Jun 07

What temperature are you getting?

  wozza1987 18:39 19 Jun 07

I have no idea how to check it, can you help please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:23 19 Jun 07

CPU temperatures
click here
click here
Speedfan click here

The first two links (click here) take you to sites showing what temps you should have and the maximums for different processors.

the speedfan link takes you to a site to download the speed fan program which wil show you what temperatures your board hard drives and cpu are actually running at, so you will then know if its heat that is casing the problem.

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