PC Training

  daz246 18:37 30 Aug 03

Im interested in learning more about PCs and Windows, can anyone suggest some decent training packages or courses that would help me? Im interested in maintenance, repair, installation, but also programming etc. I've looked at the BVG packages are they any good???


  expertec 18:47 30 Aug 03

If you're interested in repairs and maintenance an A+ course might be useful

click here

  expertec 18:48 30 Aug 03
  hugh-265156 19:58 30 Aug 03

this is a good site for hardware and repairs click here

click here click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:41 30 Aug 03

but it will be of use to others ...click here this course is excellent and is run from centres throughout the UK. IIRC, it is free as the Govermnet coughs up the readies. It is excellent as a preparatory course for those who know nothing or little about computers.

The Blair Bunch also fund CLAIT courses, which range from basics to Networks, servers etc. They cost little and are run throughout the land, usually from colleges.click here CLAIT is excellent but requires a certain amount of self-discipline.


  Belatucadrus 23:10 30 Aug 03

Been looking into the same, decided on Comptias A+.

  goonerbill 23:21 30 Aug 03

i've just signed up with these people to do the A+ and N+ course's

click here

  Kitz E Kat 00:35 31 Aug 03

Is a good place to start...

Good Luck

Kitz E

  MjM Hellfire 00:50 31 Aug 03

click here


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