Is this PC tower any good?

  fedex1969 26 Jun 12

Hi guys, back again! Still haven't brought a new tower yet but saw this on ebay and would appreciate your advice. Basically, is it any good for the money? The spec. is:AMD AM3 Quad Core X645 + Processor 4 GB of RAM DDR3 1333 MHz, Team Memory (lifetime warranty) 1TB SATA Hard Drive Quality item Awesome DVD-RW Internal Card Reader All in One Network Socket and USB (2 USB front and 4 Back) + 1 Card Reader Integrated Graphics ATI Radeon HD3000 Graphics, On Board Graphic Max. Memory Share Up to 512 MB Support ATI Hybrid Crossfire 1 x PCI-E x16 2.0 Slot For future Upgrades 5.1 channel surround sound System is built around a quality motherboard. System comes fully built and tested complete with Driver CD. System has 1 year return to base Warranty. (This was copied and pasted)! The price is £269.99 but Windows 7 premium installed for £79.00 extra. Free delivery to mainland UK. What do you think?

I think it's a good deal - I'd be tempted (if I wasn't a cheapskate who only ever bought secondhand...). It's a decent processor (you're probably not going to get an Intel Core i3 at that price), a good amount of memory and easily enough disk. For £79 for W7, I'd want to check that you're getting the W7 disc, or at least some way of reinstalling the system if it goes wrong. Only other downside I can see is the integrated graphics - but it depends what you want to do with it. Oh, and I'd feel more comfortable with more USB slots, but you could easily add to those for less than £10. For everyday use, it should be fine. Check out the seller's feedback for complete systems (i.e. not components etc.) - has he sold many, and has he got good feedback for them? (Note: apart from a Medion I got from Tesco,m I've only ever bought PCs off eBay, and have never yet had a dud. I may have been lucky, but...

  KRONOS the First 28 Jun 12

All depends what you are going to be using the PC for, if its just surfing the net and office type stuff it will be fine. Decent gaming PC,no chance.

Can you link to the item on Ebay?

  cocteau48 28 Jun 12

You should be able to source Windows 7 Premium for less than £79.00 - install it yourself and still have the installation disk in your possession for future use.

  Lazarus The 2nd 28 Jun 12
  KRONOS the First 28 Jun 12

Lazarus The 2nd

Thanks,stick a cheap GPU in it and it will be fine for general use.

The seller's feedback is certainly pretty reassuring. Follow Chronus's advice, and you'll have a decent - and, IMHO, bargain - PC.

The seller's feedback is certainly pretty reassuring. Follow Chronus's advice, and you'll have a decent - and, IMHO, bargain - PC.


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