PC Tools Threatfire slowing system down

  Batch 09:45 01 Oct 09

Following this PCA article click here I downloaded and installed Threatfire 4.5 at beginning of Sept. All was fine and was very happy with it.

However, it has hust updated itself to 4.6 (there isn't aby ability to take database updated without taking software updates). Now everything is that little bit slower.

I restored system image to before 4.6 install and all was OK again. As soon as 4.6 installed again, all was slow once more.

Same probs on both lappie and desktop (running XP Pro, ZA, Avast, Spybot).

IE7 takes a few seconds longer to launch (i.e. about 10 instead of 4). Word, Excel and OE all just noticeably pause rather than instant launch. Send & Receive in OE pauses before getting under way. Etc. etc. etc.

So, is anyone else having probs? SDoes anyone else even use Threatfire?.

  sunnystaines 12:30 01 Oct 09

I have tried threatfire twice when it came out and a few months ago. each time my pc crawled along in treacle it was so slow.

seen others use it with no slow downs so must clash with some other software.

  Batch 14:43 01 Oct 09

Aye, but what. That's the Q.

When other apps (e.g. IE7) are slow (and using CPU), the ThreatFire processes don't seem to be using much CPU at all (e.g. TFService at 1% or less). That's in contrast to other anti-malware apps that can be seen cranking up the CPU when they are doing something.

That suggests that somehow it is something else that TF is installing (drivers used by TF? - but would the CPU for these be allocated to TF) or influencing (e.g. causing calls in IE7 etc. to be trapped so that they can be inspected to see whether they should be routed to TF).

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