PC Tools Internet Security: "switch off Defender"

  Pineman100 14:34 04 Jun 09

As my security software subscription is nearly up for renewal, I've taken advantage of the free 12 months licence on the PCA cover disk for PC Tools Internet Security.

After installation, PCTIS told me that I should switch off Windows Defender, because this shouldn't be allowed to run alongside PCTIS. And yet it doesn't seem to object to Superantispyware and Winpatrol.

I tried leaving Windows Defender running, but PCTIS kept nagging me about it.

Any idea why this should be?

  mooly 17:13 04 Jun 09

Think it may be because it works in real time, and so to will your internet security package. The two may slow things down or cause conflict. I asked FSecure this very question, about having defender running and they said "turn it off" no need for it.

  Pineman100 17:15 04 Jun 09

Doesn't Winpatrol also work in real time?

  mooly 18:03 04 Jun 09

"Doesn't Winpatrol also work in real time?" Don't know is the answer to that one.
I did use FSecure and Defender together at first... before I knew any different and it never crashed or anything, but was a lot quicker booting with Defender off.
The general advice is ONE good security package that works in real time, and ONE firewall, so if your security package has it's own firewall turn off the windows one. Having two of anything can (but not always) cause problems, but will certainly slow things down.

  Pineman100 18:40 04 Jun 09

OK - from what I've heard that's good advice about a fiewall and an antivirus package.

But I thought it was possible, indeed advisable, to run several antispyware packages, on the principle that none of them catches everything.

  mooly 07:01 05 Jun 09

My understanding is that you don't want TWO programs active at once.
After much persuasion (off here) I installed Superantispyware and apart from a couple of "Tracking cookies" that were in the temporary internet files it didn't find anything, so my one security package (FSecure) seems to do a good job. When I have run Superantispyware I have done it both with and without FSecure being enabled (off line of course) and the time taken for a full scan is much quicker with FSecure disabled... the "having two running at once problem".
I have occasionally run scans with Defender and that has never shown anything, even when I had it working in real time.

  Technotiger 08:30 05 Jun 09

Win Patrol does work in real-time, I have it running permanently. Win Patrol is not actually a Anti-anything program, it just keeps a look-out and advises you if anything looks like a 'nasty' so that you can decide what, if anything, to do about it. To help you make up your mind, WP's Info button will tell you more about the possible 'nastie' which is quite often not a 'nastie' at all - but I like the warnings!

I would get rid of Defender altogether, IMHO it is useless.

  Pineman100 08:59 05 Jun 09

OK - thanks mooly and TT. I'll do as you suggest and forget about having Windows Defender.

Thanks very much for your advice.

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