PC Tools File Recovery Registration

  rawprawn 15:18 09 Nov 09

I got the January issue P C Advisor this morning and loaded PC Tools File Recovery, the magazine states "Fo;;ow the prompts during installation to get your free license key"
There were no prompts and it is asking me to Purchase before it will recover files.
I have installed it twice to check I did't miss any prompts, but there is nothing.
Any help out there?

  rawprawn 09:32 10 Nov 09

Nobody else had this problem?

  Seth Haniel 09:51 10 Nov 09

I have no home internet connection - so most cover disk progs that have a big sticker saying on-line registration I just have to bi-pass.

Sorry can't be of more help.

  rawprawn 10:02 10 Nov 09

G'day, thanks anyway I was beginning to feel lonely.
I have emailed the software editor but so far heard nothing.
It will probably turn out to be as easy as pie in the end.

  rawprawn 11:12 10 Nov 09

All is now solved.

  johndrew 14:27 12 Nov 09

Hi there,

I have just tried to install and register with a similar problem to that you report. How did Letitia advise you to overcome the problem?

  rawprawn 08:11 13 Nov 09

sorry only just seen your post.
click here

  johndrew 09:44 13 Nov 09

Thanks for coming back.

I went to Letitia as well and she provided the details shegave you. All is now well.

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