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  Blubottle 09 Feb 13

Hi Dell SX270 with Celeron 2.2 GHZ cpu, 2 GB ram,on board graphics, XP pro. trying to hook this up through my Panasonic TV via the pc input. When the boot up starts tv displays the welcome win xp screen then as the process progresses the tv screen goes black and nothing else is displayed although the pc is clicking away. any ideas please regards

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Feb 13

How did you connect to the monitor? VGA or DVi

I think as XP boots the graphics driver its switching away from the VGA output hence on TV picture

Try reconnecting the monitor and setting the TV as second screen in Settings and assign a Key to switch screens which you can then press when connected to TV.

  Blubottle 09 Feb 13

thanks for your reply. the pc connects to the tv via vga from dvi at pc via dvi to vga cable, what I don't get is that there is some graphics displayed during initial boot up through the tv as said above. can you explain your suggestion in a more simpler way.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Feb 13

On boot only a basic graphics display is used (you see a picture of XP loading bars)

as XP loads a display driver for your graphics card you are losing the picture, because the display settings are for the monitor and do not suit your TV.

Right click empty area of desktop - select properties - Display Properties Settings tab

Make sure the settings are suitable for the TV if it allows two monitor connections set the 2nd monitor settings to suit the TV leave the first alone

  Blubottle 10 Feb 13

Thanks fruit bat, I didn't know that but I had an inkling the graphics output had something to do with it, this pc I'm trying to use has on board graphics and cannot be upgraded as there are no expansion slots, Regards

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 Feb 13

The usual problem is too high a refresh rate for flat screen TVs


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