PC thinks its on-line but its not!

  scotty 11:11 25 Apr 05

I have recently had a problem with one user profile on a pc running Win ME. When I power up and log on, the PC thinks it is on-line. So when I start Outlook Express, IE, Firefox etc they fail to connect as they do not start the dial up connection. I can start the dial up manually and then everything works as normal but I cannot figure out why it thinks it is on-line in the first place.

There is nothing unusual running on the pc, have performed AVG virus scan and run AdAware and all is clean. Can anyone suggest a cause?

  mattyc_92 11:13 25 Apr 05

What do you mean by "thinks its online"???

  Skeet213 11:16 25 Apr 05

do you know about winsock. I think i had the same problem. Couldn't fix it so I formatted my computer. But theres probably a better way.

  scotty 11:26 25 Apr 05


In OE, there is a box at the bottom of the page which tells you if you are working on-line or off-line. It claims to be on-line but it is not.


I have heard of winsock but I would not claim to know much about it. What is strange is that I do not have the problem when I log-in as different users.

  mattyc_92 11:59 25 Apr 05

Maybe that you have downloaded something "dodgy", but it is only afecting your area.... If it doesn't affect other accounts, then create another user account and copy and paste all your favoutites and my documents (and any other personal files) into the new account....

  scotty 15:08 25 Apr 05


I'm pretty sure there is nothing dodgy affecting this account (I have checked what processes are running and performed virus scan etc). Creating a new user account may be a good option but I would like to discover what is causing the problem.

  mattyc_92 15:25 25 Apr 05

You may of just changed the settings for the internet/OE in your account.... Try looking at these settings and look out for parts that don't look right

  scotty 17:37 26 Apr 05

I have been through every OE and IE setting but can see nothing wrong.

I original thought it was only one account that was affected but last night I noticed both accounts which are normal used to connect to the net are showing the same symptoms. I stopped every program except systray and explorer then started OE but problem persists.

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