PC Temps

  Indigo 1 17:48 18 Feb 04

Can anyone tell me which is the most reliable way to read your PC's internal temps ? CPU, Mobo etc.

I look in BIOS and it says my CPU core temp is 54 deg C. Surface temp 47. But when I look for the temps using software such as Sisoft Sandra it tells that the temp is 32 deg C

  Rayuk 19:04 18 Feb 04

You cannot be 100% certain as if you happened to flash your bios the temps in the bios can suddenly alter.up or down.

I use MBM myself but only to see if there is a variation in the temp not the actual figure itself.

  Robotic_Rob 20:14 18 Feb 04

what temp are pc's best off runnin at ?

  Indigo 1 20:21 18 Feb 04

Well it all depends on the PC. Different PC's have different operating temps, it's the same for processors. There's no golden rule but generally AMD's run hotter than Intels.

  plkiojh 20:24 18 Feb 04

A fan controller by Coolermaster or Super Flower Inc, as well as being able to adjust the speed of case fans, also have temperature sensors that can be attatched to CPU, HDD, Graphics cards etc. They can be had for 30-40 pounds. They also make a PC look so cool.

By the way - I get 36 degrees C from an overclocked Athlon 2400 under full load in BIOS, and 127 degrees C using SiSoft Sandra. Clearly one is wrong!

  Indigo 1 20:30 18 Feb 04

Can't use fan controllers due to the design of my case, it does have a built in temp monitor but it's diffcult to get the probes close enough to the heat sources for accurate measurements, they never agree with any other readings either.

  plkiojh 20:53 18 Feb 04

If a fan controller is not an option, then make sure that you have as many case fans as you can fit, also a decent processor fan (Thermaltake or Coolermaster are the obvious choices). You may not know the temps exactly, but at least you know that there is adequate cooling on board.

CPU core temp of 54 is on the high side of normal but certainly nothing to panic about. A HSF will normally drop such a figure by about 10 degrees. This is especially true of Athlons as they have a tendency to run hot.

  Indigo 1 21:30 18 Feb 04

Since installing my new PSU, I have reduced CPU temp by 25 deg C and Case temp by 18 deg c, according to Sisoft Sandra. but the BIOS readings havn't changed that much. I don't really trust the BIOS temp readings.

Three fans in PSU (1x 120mm and 2 x 80mm)

Two 120mm intake fans on side and a 80mm exhaust fan at the back. Does a pretty good job of keeping things cool.

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