PC Temperatures and power supplies enquiry

  Eveready Bunny 15:08 26 May 03

I was just wondering what temperature my pc should be running at. I previously sent in a thread about a graphics problem I had, I have all the new drivers, there are no direct x problems, and the only other suggestion was that my pc was overheating, what are the ideal temperatures? Also is a 550watt PSU adequate for my system which features the following: athlon 1400, cd, cdrw, cdrw/dvd, 40gb hard drive, audigy platinum 2 sound card, geforce 4mx460 graphics, modem, etherent card.

Thanks Max.

  961 15:24 26 May 03

Anything over 300w PSU is ok

SiSandra (often available on cover discs)usually tells you what temp your system is running at. Athlons run hot. My processor is running at 43 deg c and the board at 25 deg and is quite stable. This is athlon 1700

  STEVE71163 15:26 26 May 03

My athlon xp2000 is running at 46c cpu and 27c m/b this afternoon but i would not worry untill it started getting to about 60c. 550w psu is more than enough for your needs.

  binkitone 18:46 26 May 03

I've been suspecting a temperature problem for some weeks (ever since I upgraded RAM from 128Mb to 256Mb), using a Athlon 1200 at 51 deg C with a
chassis at 41 deg C with two case fans (bottom/front in and top/back out)and a Volcano 7 plus (heatsink/fan).
When running flight sims, both temps gain a few degrees after half a hour or so, the joystick USB connection is lost?
Use to be cpu 55 C and chassis 45 C prior to changing heatsink/fan and another 5 C before I added the second case fan. My question; should the motherboard(K7T266 Pro)/chassis be still over 40 deg C (10 C < cpu)?

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