PC Temperature

  VOT Productions 19:18 27 Apr 10

Hi, I think got a problem.

While the PC is working fine, the temperature of it is high (I think)

Processor is AMD Altlon 64 X2 5000+. I try to run IE and temperature is:
Core 1: 75C
Core 2: 70C
(SpeedFan temperature.)

And the HDD:
Is around 47C
(SpeedFan too)

Is this high?

  VOT Productions 19:32 27 Apr 10

Core 1: 77C
Core 2: 72C

  citadel 20:14 27 Apr 10

best to look in motherboard bios for temp, its in pc health or similar name. i have not had an amd cpu but intel cpu auto slows down or shuts down at danger point to prevent damage, presume amd has similar feature. you can always install a better cooler. gelid tranquillo is great and cheap.

  VOT Productions 20:30 27 Apr 10

none in motherboard!

but my temp problems are in Windows. I noticed the temp goes up with the noise level.

if I boot to BIOS, leave it a couple of minutes, it very quiet. However when I go to Windows it goes really up.

In Ubuntu it's quiet too.

Look at this diagram
click here

  citadel 21:28 27 Apr 10

you can have a look with a progam called coretemp. I would get the gelid tranquillo anyway as it will lower temps and not make any noise.

  VOT Productions 21:32 27 Apr 10

the same temperatures.

  northumbria61 21:50 27 Apr 10

I have AMD Athlon 64 x 2 5200+ running Windows 7 64 bit - CPU Temp 34Deg Core 1 29Deg Core 2

  northumbria61 21:57 27 Apr 10

"gelid tranquillo" here -

click here

Available from SCAN computers at £26.05 (scroll to bottom of page)

click here-

  MAT ALAN 22:00 27 Apr 10

but my temp problems are in Windows.

don't quite see how, more likely needs good housekeeping, cleaning fan and heatsink might help..

unless of course you have already done this...

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