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  Jimbo50 13:53 05 Mar 07

I recently used Everest Home Edition from Lavalys to check my system. Under the heading “Chipset” it left a message;
“AGP aperture size is more than half the system memory size. This may cause performance penalty”

What does this mean and how can I rectify this problem??

  crosstrainer 13:58 05 Mar 07

This item is set in the BIOS of your machine, and it specifies how much memory the graphics card can "Grab" from your existing ram to help it along...how much system memory do you have installed?

  Jimbo50 14:28 05 Mar 07

AGP Aperture
I have 512Mb DDR (SDRAM),an ATI Radeon 9000 graphics card with 128Mb of memory.
Intel P4 CPU 2.53Ghz on a Gigabyte GA-8SIML motherboard. Any other info needed?

  crosstrainer 14:50 05 Mar 07

You will need to access your BIOs to reduce the amount of memory you have allocated to the card...512mb of ram is really not enough these day's.. to access your BIOs screen press the del key (or sometimes F2) be careful in there, because making changes to other items could cause your system to become unstable or not boot at all.

Once in the bios.. scroll through the various menu options until you find the agp aperture setting....reduce it to the lowest you can, and re-boot

I would suggest you add more memory (at least double what you have now) What operating system are you running?

  zarobian 14:57 05 Mar 07

The recommended AGP apperture size is 64 MB.

  Jimbo50 15:06 05 Mar 07

I am using Windows XP SP2 and at some stage in the future I will upgrade my memory just as soon as I find the right modules for upgrade.

  jay.p 16:25 05 Mar 07

64 mb is the right agp setting for a 128mb graphics card, although with more system memory some people do increase the agp value and get better graphical permormance.

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