PC Switch On Problems After 2 Weeks Holiday!

  busybaz 09:55 16 Oct 04

Returned from 2 weeks hols and more often than not have a dead pc when hitting the on switch.

Problem currently simply solved in milliseconds by disconnecting & immediately reconnecting power lead, but any ideas as to what the cause is? [May be my imagination, but there seems to be a louder click when pc switches off session before dead symptoms occur].

  JonnyTub 10:22 16 Oct 04

Was the first thing you did when you got back to put the central heating on, if so this can sometimes cause condensation to form inside all manner of machines and it's best to leave the condensation evaporate over a period of about 6-12 hours, long shot i know, but condensation can cause "greening" on copper contacts.

Your on switch might be duff.

See if you can determine where the louder click is coming from, psu, hard drive, cd drive, etc.

  Jackcoms 11:37 16 Oct 04


Yes, I went on one of those once. Let me see.

1967? 1969?

Seriously, are your power lead and power lead socket OK?

Any damage?

  busybaz 10:48 17 Oct 04

Jonny, Jack, thanks for response.

Have exchanged power lead & all appears sorted [though why problem only surfaced through absence is a mystery, but that's PCs for you].

Must be slightly different sizes as it seems to be a better fit.

  spuds 10:59 17 Oct 04

When you start getting unexplained loud clicks on electrical components, it usually means something is ready for a possible forthcoming change as there is a fault developing.This could also explain JonnyTub theory re condensation and room temperature change.

  busybaz 11:39 18 Oct 04

Started again! Next move is to try different PSU

  busybaz 17:30 30 Oct 04

Different PSU used, hard drive starts producing repeated clicks!

Checked Western Digital site, PSU already changed, only other suggestion is try with different data cable - tried, still clickety click.

Drive [purchased this January] now RMAd back to Ebuyer & awaiting their notification.

Couldn't have been the drive all along, could it? Will update if/when fixed.

  busybaz 10:28 18 Jan 05

Very remiss of me not to mark as resolved a lot sooner! Ebuyer eventually came through [they usually do in my experience, just slower than usual this time]& replaced the drive. Seems that was the culprit all along, no problems since.

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