PC sudden shut down + Other problems.

  midian 14:03 31 May 14

2 Days ago I was playing Wolfenstein The new order quite happily when suddenly my pc just shut itself down. I tried to turn the pc back on but it was absolutely dead. My first thought was a power cut but lights and tv were still on. So I thought it could be the PSU (Corsair RM 650w) which is less than 4 months old, along with the motherboard, cpu, gpu and memory after I had a recent large upgrade session. I phoned Overclockers where I purchased the psu, explained what happened and was told it sounded like a duff psu and to return the unit so it can be tested. I had tried several 5 amp fuses in the power lead but it blew them every time. Even blew a 13 amp which knocked out the electric. Luckily I found an old psu (Hyper 670w) which seems to be working, but now when I try to shut the pc down, the monitor switches off, and so do the HD's but the rest of the pc is still running and I have to use the power button. I also thought it could have been my GTX 760 gpu that was causing the shut downs so called overclockers again who said to post that for testing too. Now after all that, and some searching on some sites, I think it could be 'Dirty Memory' as in a memory module that is faulty. I have 4 x 4gb ddr 3 normally but have now only got 2 as been trying swapping them around and so far so good. Can anyone shed any light on the likely cause ?

  midian 17:28 31 May 14

I have tested each memory module and get the same thing (Rebooting) so have put all 4 modules back in. A mate has given me an old-ish cooler master 550w psu and this seems fine so far. Its at the very minimum for my spec though. Wont be on Skyrim or Battlefield 4 for a while I think. Don't want this one blowing too.

  rdave13 17:35 31 May 14

Hopefully you'll get a replacement PSU soon.

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