PC is stuck at BIOS Screen

Hi, I started my computer, but however it got stuck at the BIOS screen. I have tried switching it on and off several times. It has been stuck at the BIOS screen for 3 hours. I really need help. All keyboard functions are not reconsigned and I can't boot from any form of media.

Please Help Me

Thanks for all help in advance.

  onthelimit1 23 Aug 11

If you keep tapping F8 after switch on, what happens?

nothing. It just stays stuck in the BIOS.I can't get past the BIOS.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23 Aug 11

Remove all external devices plugged into the usb ports

make sure no disks in drives.


If still no good disconnect any optical drives or hard drives other than the one with the system files and retry.

Fruit Bat, will try your suggestions tomorrow.

  buteman 23 Aug 11

If stuck in the Bios screen maybe you should set it to to start with CD or DVD in the Bios not sure which one it is.

If not actually starting in the Bios.Ignore this.

buteman. I get stuck in the BIOS and nothing responses. It is like it has frozen and will ignore all commands.

Fruit Bat--- I have had no luck with following your steps.

I just bought a PC (Sony VAIO L14S1E/S) at Christmas so don't want to buy another one.

Is there anymore advice?????

  buteman 24 Aug 11

Instead of tapping F8 try tapping F5 as the computer starts and see if that will get you in safe mode.

Maybe make and model number of computer may help others trying to help.

buteman. I am certain that it is F8 and I have went into Safe MODE BEFORE. PC doesn't have a model because it was custom built by iQon Technologies about 6 years ago.

Thanks for all help so far.

  Colonel Graham 24 Aug 11

Yes, computer details, please. I have a feeling this is a laptop.

It is a Desktop.

Specs AMD Sempron 2800+ at 2.14GHz S3 Graphics KM400 256MB RAM 80GB HDD Windows XP Home Edition

PC is 2004/05 ish


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