pc startup???

  birnie 13:48 23 Dec 07

New pc...have to press the start button several times to get the pc to boot up.
There is no pattern to the number of times i have to press, anything from 4 to 20.
On pressing the button the fan starts & there is 1 short beep, & then it shuts down.
When it finally starts it still gives 1 short beep & then boots up normally.
Asus M2A main board
Athlon 6000
4 gig memory (have made sure memory is firmly located)
Windows XP home
Any ideas please????

  anskyber 13:57 23 Dec 07

One of these, click here

  Fingees 14:03 23 Dec 07

It may well be that it doesn't like so much memory.
XP can only recognize 4 gig including any memory on video card.

2 gig usually runs faster on xp anyway than 4.

sometimes the power supply is to blame,as if it is straining when it first starts up, it will turn off, although usually if this is the cause, it switches back on by itself without problems.

  skidzy 14:06 23 Dec 07

New pc........send it back if under warranty.

Though if you feel up to it,remove 2 sticks of ram (if in 4 x1GB),check your manual as you need this to run in dual channel mode.

Beware you run the risk of voiding the warranty if you open the case.

  skidzy 14:07 23 Dec 07

Sorry Fingees,same idea i think,i must type quicker Lol.

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