pc start without video

  graf2011 08 Oct 11

My computer turns on but the video does not work. in order that he began to work properly it has to include a few times motherboard GIGABYTE GA-965P-S3, video card RADEON X1800 GTO

  lotvic 08 Oct 11

If there is no display at all on the monitor, check the cables they might be loose.

  graf2011 08 Oct 11

Thank you for you answer, but cables is not problem, it start work after some numbers of the turn on and for several years, it me pretty tired

  lotvic 08 Oct 11

Are you having to restart computer several times before the Operating System will load properly? and what is your Operating System, is it XP SP3?

Please click on http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/f10/restart-several-times-to-get-it-to-boot-347477.html and read the details of that problem. Can you explain in the same way what your computer does.

Have you had the side off the computer and checked if it has lots of dust and fluff on the insides. It might just need a clean. Disconnect from mains power and use a paintbrush to clean and a vacuum cleaner nozzle to suck up the dust that you disturb. Do not let the vacuum cleaner nozzle touch any of the parts of the motherboard in case of damaging the electrics parts.

When you have got it clean, reseat the memory ram sticks (take them out and then put them back in) sometimes they work a bit loose after a few years. Make sure all of the other the cables and connectors are firmly attached.


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