PC start up issues... linked to hard drive?

  AlexPB 23 Jun 11


Recently I have been having problems with my e-machines pc (2 months old) on start up.

When I switch the machine on it loads to the e-machine logo (takes about 3 seconds) and then pretty much freezes at the logo and doesn't load any further. Sometimes it will then bring up windows vista start up error manager which does next to nothing but scan for an hour and find nothing wrong!

However, I tried switching the machine on without my external hard drive (Maxtor 320 Gb which is usually constantly plugged in) plugged in and it loads fine, I log on just like normal with no problem...

I'm assuming there is a fault or a problem with the hard drive but am unsure what as it seems a bit strange.

Any help much appreciated, Thanks.

  gengiscant 23 Jun 11

Sounds like your external hard-drive is being checked before boot-up is completed so your computer is looking for an operating system on the external, you could unplug your external prior to boot, or have a look in the bios and make sure that your E machines C drive is set as first boot..

  Ex plorer 23 Jun 11

What happens when you plug in the external HD after boot-up does it work OK or create a problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23 Jun 11

Disable USB as a boot device in the BIOS

  AlexPB 23 Jun 11


it runs fine when i plug it in after boot, opens like a normal usb drive, with the dialog box asking to open or view images etc... Then it will often start to not respond when im looking through the files on drive or altering any of them.



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